Introducing the new Robo-Rigs Home/Office Series of Computers and the Robo-Rigs Gaming Series. Each computer is hand built here in Bethel using top quality components.  Each comes with a 1 year limited warranty for parts and labor(Warranties on individual components may be longer).    Click on the buttons below to see your next computer. 
Robo-Rigs Home/Office Series is designed for casual users to heavy business users. Whether its surfing the web and sending emails, digital photo editing, home entertainment, or multi-tasking business functions, you will find a computer that fits your needs and budget in our Home/Office Series. 
Robo-Rigs Gaming Series  are for those gamers who not only want to play the game, but those who want to rule the game. From our budget rigs to our top of the line models, our rigs are designed for the performance you demand.   Play hard on a cool machine !!    Rule the Game !!    
Computers are generally made to order, so changes or upgrades are not a problem.  Robo-Rigs uses Windows 7 as its base operating system on all models.    Pricing for operating systems upgrades or changes is listed below.   

Upgrades are available on all models.    Due to the constant changing prices on hardware components, we ask that you email or call us with your inquiries on those.

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