Robo-Rigs Home/Office Series of Computers.    

Robo-Rigs Home/Office Series is designed for casual users to heavy business users. Whether its surfing the web and sending emails, digital photo editing, home entertainment, or multi-tasking business functions, you will find a computer that fits your needs and budget in our Home/Office Series. 

Come join the list of customers and businesses that are letting Robo-Rigs take care of all there computer needs.   

Need a new computer, give us a call, send an email, or stop by the shop to get a quote for your next computer.      Come join the list of customers and businesses that are turning to Robo-Rigs for all there computer needs.   

Need m ore storage or memory ?   Another DVD/CD drive ?    Upgrades or revisions are not a problem.   We hand build each computer so we can work with you to make sure you are getting the computer that you need now, and to make sure it will serve your needs into the future.  
Questions on upgrades, revisions, pricing, or to order, email or call today !

Home / Office Computers from Robo-Rigs

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